Meeting of shareholders

On April 26, 2021, a regular meeting of shareholders was held, at which a number of issues were considered and the vector of movement and development of the exchange was determined. We would like to acquaint... more


30.04.2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 Kyiv time technical works are planned. For the period of technical works, the site will be fully operational, but I / O will be closed for all... more

Delisting ASH

Investors of Richamster Exchange decided to terminate any relationship with the ASH project and the key persons of this project. The ASH project has acquired signs of fraudulent activity due to a large number... more

Bonus 5000

The first 1000 rich hamsters joined the RICHAMSTER Exchange within 16 months. Further, the milestone of 2000 registrations was reached in 12 months. 3000 were taken after 3 months. 4000 reached in 54 days. We... more

4000 rich hamsters!

4000 rich hamsters! This is already a force that cannot be ignored! There are more and more of us every day. We are getting better every day. Our hamsters are getting richer every day. We will not delay and... more

Full LOBs - full pockets.

Full LOBs - full pockets. Prize fund - 2200 KUB The LOB filling promotion continues and this time we are filling with LTC. The essence of the action remains the same. So here we go: "Full LOBs of LTC -... more