9000 users

We are approaching the mark of 9000 users. 🥳🥳🥳 Thank you for being with us and helping us grow👍, because we have no paid advertising and new users are your recommendations. In this regard, we will give away... more

New sprint "Hot Season"

We announce a new sprint "Hot Season" Link to the sprint HERE The prize pool is 550 KUB + 250 USDT. USDT will be divided among the TOP 5 in proportion to the points scored. KUB will be divided... more

March news

✅All tokens in the Polygon network (USDC, UAHT, USDT) have been restored. Due to low interest and lack of liquidity, it was decided to delist the CRO. ❗️Вивести tokens are required by 25/03/24 ❌20/03/24 the... more

Monero (XMR) balance and get KUB

🔥 We are announcing a promotion. 🪙 Top up your Monero (XMR) balance and get KUB. In the period from 6.02 to 1.03 (inclusive), for every 1 XMR deposit at the end of the promotion, you will be credited 100... more

Tournament of traders "Rich Hamster 2023"

🎉 On 31/01/24, the VI annual tournament of traders "Rich Hamster 2023" ended On 1/02/24, the results of the tournament were summed up on the Richamster YouTube channel. In total, 4 participants left... more

Delisting of UNI

Due to low interest and lack of liquidity, the UNI/UAH trading pair has been removed. ❗️Необхідно to withdraw UNI tokens by 11/25/23 On 11/25/23, all unwithdrawn UNI on the balance sheets will be converted to... more