Monero (XMR) balance and get KUB

🔥 We are announcing a promotion. 🪙 Top up your Monero (XMR) balance and get KUB. In the period from 6.02 to 1.03 (inclusive), for every 1 XMR deposit at the end of the promotion, you will be credited 100... more

Tournament of traders "Rich Hamster 2023"

🎉 On 31/01/24, the VI annual tournament of traders "Rich Hamster 2023" ended On 1/02/24, the results of the tournament were summed up on the Richamster YouTube channel. In total, 4 participants left... more

Delisting of UNI

Due to low interest and lack of liquidity, the UNI/UAH trading pair has been removed. ❗️Необхідно to withdraw UNI tokens by 11/25/23 On 11/25/23, all unwithdrawn UNI on the balance sheets will be converted to... more

Traders Tournament Rich Hamster 2023

💥 Traders Tournament 💥 "Rich Hamster 2023" From November 1, 2023, traditionally, the 6th trader tournament "Rich Hamster 2023" will begin on the Richamster exchange, the purpose of which... more

Hot July BTC

Announcing the promotion "Hot July BTC" Prize fund 0.005 BTC (5-6 thousand UAH). To participate in the promotion, you need Fill out the form... more

Found Silver Hamster

It's time for a new listing. For your attention FSH (Found Silver Hamster). 🕺💃🕺 This is an initiative token of one of the founders of the Richamster exchange. If you like what SilverMystery is doing, you can... more