🎉 HOLIDAY DRAW 🎉 Happy Birthday Richamster 07/09/2021 🥳 ! ️ 5️⃣ guaranteed prizes will be drawn 🎁 1️⃣ The one who burns more BOX is guaranteed to receive 💯 RCH - exchange stock tokens 🤘 2️⃣ The next most... more

BAT (Basic Attention Token)

🔥 BAT (Basic Attention Token) Listed On Richamster! ️ 📌 Next in line UNI (Uniswap) 📌 Initially, BAT will be traded in three pairs BAT / BTC, BAT / UAH, KRB / BAT. ⭐️ Top-up is open ⭐️ 5.07 will open and the... more

Listing of USDT

🔥 Long-awaited listing of USDT (ERC-20) on Richamster 📌 We are also planning to add other stablecoins in USD (USDC, DAI, TUSD) 📌 Initially, all USD stablecoins will be traded in pairs with USD. USD / USDT... more

Invite your friends

Invite your friends. Earn cryptocurrency together Earn 50% of the commissions every time your friends make deals on Richamster. Invite now Use the unique link to invite your friends via message or email. You... more

Exchange trading RCH

By tradition, on the 26th, a regular meeting of shareholders was held, this time a rather important decision was made, discussed and voted on. But before we get to the question itself, let's take a look at the... more

5000 of us!

5000 of us! And that's cool! It is very pleasant that RICHAMSTER is attracting more and more attention from users. Glad that you are recommending our platform to your friends. We are happy to see our users... more