4000 rich hamsters!

4000 rich hamsters! This is already a force that cannot be ignored! There are more and more of us every day. We are getting better every day. Our hamsters are getting richer every day. We will not delay and... more

Full LOBs - full pockets.

Full LOBs - full pockets. Prize fund - 2200 KUB The LOB filling promotion continues and this time we are filling with LTC. The essence of the action remains the same. So here we go: "Full LOBs of LTC -... more

RICHAMSTER is preparing gifts

In the fall, we reached 3000 registered users. And now, even winter is not over yet, we are already very close to 4000. So, RICHAMSTER is preparing gifts for you. But to get them you will need to work a little.... more

PSM Awards 2020 | Silver

You can work as much as you want to improve the service. You can talk about it as much as you want. But if it does not evoke emotions, does not solve users' problems, does not bring public good - you will not... more

BOX - a ticker for receiving gifts.

New Year's holidays are approaching - a period when children are looking forward to holiday miracles, sweets and gifts. St. Nicholas comes to the obedient children on December 19, someone looks like Santa Claus... more