Exchange trading RCH

By tradition, on the 26th, a regular meeting of shareholders was held, this time a rather important decision was made, discussed and voted on. But before we get to the question itself, let's take a look at the history of Richamster.

In December 2017, the furious growth of the crypt ended, and the entire crypt began to crawl / roll / fly down. Got a question. Everyone who owns cryptocurrency is interested in growth. Are all market participants losing now? It turned out that not all. As you know, a cryptocurrency exchange makes money from trading, so the exchange is always interested in changing the price of a cryptocurrency, and it does not matter in which direction this movement takes place. Therefore, a number of traders have united around the idea of ​​creating a cryptocurrency exchange to make a profit, regardless of the direction of the course. The process of project appraisal and investment search has begun. 100,000 shares were issued. By investing in the project (buying shares), the person financed the creation of the exchange and received a share of the exchange ownership, a number of trading privileges and a share of the proceeds. 7 months were laid for the sale of shares and the creation of the exchange. All shares were sold in 5 months, the exchange started working on July 9, 2018 with three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Litecoin and Carbo. Richamster survived the crypto winter, and at a time when other crypto players stagnated, closed and disappeared, our exchange received decent functionality, visuals and tools. All this was created from the monetary budget and with almost complete absence of advertising. But despite this, we received positive reviews and ratings from our users, securing the 2nd place in the "Best Blockchain Project 2020" nomination. This once again confirms = we are on the right track and we are doing the right thing. And this means that the time has come to scale and reach new heights, recognition and development, and there will be little only enthusiasm and professionalism, this must be supported by financial support.

So, on May 26, 2021, investors decided the following.

  1. All shares will be tokenized (for each share you can receive an RCH token, which can be freely traded)

  2. Additional issue of 200,000 shares (total issue of 400,000 shares).

  3. Shares of the additional issue can be purchased in the form of tokens by leaving a request through the form (, and freely trade them.

  4. Stakeholders need 3 months to convert share tokens into shares. The transition from stocks to stock tokens is instantaneous.

  5. The cost of additional issue tokens will increase by 1% every 10 days.

  6. You can buy RCH for: UAH, BTC, LTC, KRB, ETH, Waves, ADA, DASH, DOGE, XMR.

We understand that while it will be difficult for someone to understand the information provided, and in the near future we will record a series of explanatory video details and conduct several Q&A sessions. In order not to miss this information, we recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel

For those who have already understood the essence of the message, fill out an application for the purchase of stock tokens.

Also note that the auction continues to function and on it with the help of KUB you buy shares, immediately grant all privileges to the shareholder and that shares are not needed for 3 months to start receiving dividends.

P.S. From the beginning of the exchange (July 2018) to the present (June 2021), due to the constant growth and development of Richamster, the share price has increased almost 10 times. Think.