5000 of us!

5000 of us!

And that's cool! It is very pleasant that RICHAMSTER is attracting more and more attention from users. Glad that you are recommending our platform to your friends. We are happy to see our users become RICH. Between the 4th and 5th thousandth users, we launched 5 challenges and now we are summing up the results and distributing buns to the winners.

  1. Prize fund 50 BOX. They are divided among 3 participants, who have burned more BOX-s as a result of winnings, starting from the drawing on 03/15/2021 and until reaching 5000 registered users. Winners: Shpak222 - 23, Сurtis - 17, Kievfalcon - 10.

  2. 5000 MFC gets the video blogger with the most likes. It was adamenko with the video https://youtu.be/oeUgaSVkHqA, which got 111 likes.

  3. 50 KUB: 10 KUB are received by 5 users each who have the largest number of active (highlighted in green) referrals. Winners: SamVimes, RuslanN, karbonavt, Adamenko, drakula619.

  4. The CryptoBox board game is received by the user who bought the most shares at the auctions (03.24.2021 and 04.24.2021), and here two users, Pomidorka and Pvv72, bought 200 shares each. The main prize goes to Pvv72 as his share price was higher and Pomidorka gets a RICHAMSTER T-shirt.

  5. Prize fund 300 KUB. It is shared by 5 participants who replenished their account on the exchange for at least UAH 1000. Winners ProHor, buka, Bogri, VictorN, GenSecICCT. Each of them receives 60 KUB.

The winners have been determined, the prizes have been distributed. And 16 Rich Hamsters got even richer.

And we are moving on. New contests, promotions and interesting events await you soon. Trade, be active, follow the news, tell your friends about RICHAMSTER so that they become your referrals, because sooner or later they will register with us anyway, but then you will not receive a referral bonus. And 50% of the trading fees that RICHAMSTER shares with you are not lying on the road.