Meeting of shareholders

On April 26, 2021, a regular meeting of shareholders was held, at which a number of issues were considered and the vector of movement and development of the exchange was determined. We would like to acquaint you with some solutions. Rich Hamster likes to share insights.

  1. Promo "Full LOBs - full pockets of KUB"

In May 2021, the traditional promo "Full LOBs" will continue and this time WAVES will be filled. This coin was supported by 64.4% of investors. Therefore, start replenishing your balance and placing coins in orders. To take seats in the first carriages.

  1. Delistings and listings

We remind you that until 05/01/2021 it is still possible to withdraw ASH. After this date, this token and its balances will be completely removed from the exchange.

We also start the delisting procedure for XEM coin:

Withdrawal will be opened on 05/01/2021.

On May 15, 2021, trading will be stopped.

Until 06/01/2021, the opportunity to withdraw the coin will last.

After 06/01/2021, XEM will be completely removed.

But if it decreases somewhere, then it arrives somewhere. Work is already underway on the listing of Tether (USDT, ERC-20) and BasicAttentionToken (BAT, ERC-20) tokens. Both tokens were in the lead in terms of user requests on the Listing page and were supported by investors (81.19%).

  1. Statuses of shareholders

With growth and development, new challenges come. One of these is the greater security of corporate information. RICHAMSTER is the only exchange that you can become a co-owner by purchasing shares. Shares pay dividends and give voting rights at investor meetings. By purchasing a certain package of shares, you get access to closed working groups. And, since the information in these groups has corporate value, the threshold for access to them was raised to 100 shares. This decision received 52.23% of the investors' votes. So, now it has become a little more difficult to get into the management group, but it is still realistic and accessible.

That's all for now. Get ready for upcoming promotions and innovations.

Happy trading!