Soon 5 Years

We are gradually approaching the fifth anniversary of our exchange🎉🎉🎉. And therefore, there will be more and more contests and activities, and, accordingly, rewards 🎁. This time we want to recognize those... more

Full lobs of LTC - full pockets of KUB

The promotion "Full lobs of LTC - full pockets of KUB" has started✨ The TOP 20 of the first day has been formed. 🏆 To get to the TOP, you had to have 0.20244 LTC in orders. The intermediate results... more

Richamster Sprint

We announce the start of the third sprint. Like the previous one, it will last a month. We determine the TOP 6. 🏆 1000 KUB will be proportionally divided between them (more points - a big reward). Then #2 and... more

The Open Network (TON)

It's time for a new listing. To your attention TON (The Open Network). 🕺💃🕺 The withdrawal fee is 0.2 TON. We are announcing a promotion. 🏆🏆🏆 When replenishing TON until 12.03.23 inclusive, you will be... more

New trading pairs

Tomorrow (25.01.23) new trading pairs will be created on the exchange ✅KUB/USDT ✅ RCH/USDT The following trading pairs will be removed due to low activity ❌KRB/UNI ❌KRB/CRO ❌KRB/LINK All orders in pairs that... more