🔥 Full LOBs LINK - FULL KUB POCKETS 💰 🏆 PRIZE FUND - 1170 KUB 🤩 The LOB filling promotion continues and this time we are filling with LINK. The essence of the action remains the same. But at the request of... more

BOX draws

👀 Everyone noticed a long pause in BOX draws❓ 🤔 We analyzed the experience gained from the draws for 9 months. Richamster wants to make the wealth augmentation tool understandable and acceptable to most... more

VQR coin listed

🔥 VQR (Virtual Quest Room Coin) coin listed on Richamster! ️ 📌 VQR is traded with VQR / BTC. ⭐️ Deposits and withdrawals of VQR are open ✅ Bit width BTC increased by 1 digit (9 decimal places) What will be... more

LINK listed

🔥 LINK (ERC-20) listed on Richamster Exchange! ️ 📌 LINK will be trade against BTC, UAH and KRB. ⭐️ MATIC depositing is opened. ⭐️ 23/08/2021 LINK withdrawal will be opened. ❗️PROMO❗️ 💰 For every 1 LINK... more