BOX draws

👀 Everyone noticed a long pause in BOX draws❓

🤔 We analyzed the experience gained from the draws for 9 months. Richamster wants to make the wealth augmentation tool understandable and acceptable to most users.

❗️ So, we're changing the rules of the game a bit ❗️

🔸 From now on, the number of purchased BOX does not affect the chance of winning.

🔸 The chance is influenced only by the number of participants.

🔸 After each drawing, 1 BOX will be burned for all participants, regardless of whether you won or lost.

🔸 Weekly 💯 KUB will be drawn.

🔸 Once a month (on the first Monday of the month) 3 * 100 KUB will be drawn.

🔸 Every 25th week there will be a Super Draw 🎉

💁‍♂  You do not need to have a BOX for him. The winners of the previous 24 draws will take part in it.

☝️ And if this is a Super draw then there will be super 🎁 prizes. Let's leave it a secret for now, but the winner will definitely be jealous 🐸

✔️ If you already have BOX, but the new concept does not suit you, you can sell for the price of their purchase of 9 KUB for 1 BOX. The new BOX price rises to 10 KUB.

✔️ So, don't miss your chance to make x10 in a week and become a participant in the Super-Draw.

✔️ If you already have a lot of BOX, don't worry. They do not deteriorate. You just bought yourself the right to the drawing in advance, especially do not forget that you paid 9 KUB for them, and new BOXs cost 10 KUB.

⭐️🏃 Go ahead, catch your luck by the tail, multiply KUB and become a Rich Hamster 💰🐹