Found Silver Hamster

It's time for a new listing. For your attention FSH (Found Silver Hamster). 🕺💃🕺 This is an initiative token of one of the founders of the Richamster exchange. If you like what SilverMystery is doing, you can support it by buying FSH (because a real kryptan donates only in cryptocurrency, not all your fiat instruments). And he, in turn, promises to buy back coins from the market as a result of the implementation of his initiatives. And what was possible? Of course, everyone can create their own cryptocurrency, build their own economic model and implement it on Richamster. The withdrawal fee is 100 FSH. The token functions on the Sardano blockchain. You ask why such a high commission? Because together with FSH, you will receive 1.1-1.3 ADA in your wallet (this is a feature of this blockchain). So your real costs are at 15 FSH. The token is traded in the FSH/UAH pair and is already listed on CoinPaprika