Traders Tournament Rich Hamster 2023

💥 Traders Tournament 💥 "Rich Hamster 2023" From November 1, 2023, traditionally, the 6th trader tournament "Rich Hamster 2023" will begin on the Richamster exchange, the purpose of which is to determine the most successful trader on the modern cryptocurrency market! 🎆🎆🎆 🧐 What is needed to participate in the Tournament❓ ⭐️ It is necessary to purchase BattlePass (100 KUB) or BattlePassGold (200 KUB) by writing to [email protected], indicating your nickname on the exchange and which ticket you are buying. If you don't have the money but you have the desire, it's not a problem. There is a FreePass for you, although then your prize will be half as much. ❗️❗️ Please note that those who have activated the 7th and 10th statuses on the exchange receive a ticket for the tournament for free. 🤩 You just need to apply for participation. Owners of the 7th status, paying an additional 100 KUB, can get BattlePassGold. ⭐️ After receiving the ticket, you will be issued a tournament account. ⭐️ On November 1, 2023, balances will appear on tournament accounts. ⭐️ Everyone will start with the same amount of 1000 UAH. ⭐️ Task: until 31.01.2024 by 22:00 Kyiv time, negotiate the largest possible balance. ⭐️ Intermediate results by account will be published every week. ⭐️ At the end of the tournament, 3 prize places with the largest total balance will be determined ⭐️ You can join the Tournament until 31.11.2023.

The main sponsor of the tournament is ZSU. The sum of the balances of all tournament accounts that will reach the finish line will be donated as aid to our military. So call your friends. The more participants, the greater the amount we will be able to transfer.

Sponsor of the special category Found Silver Hamster. ( The 3 participants who reach the finish line and have the most FSH tokens in their balances will take these FSH to their main account.