Bonus 5000

The first 1000 rich hamsters joined the RICHAMSTER Exchange within 16 months. Further, the milestone of 2000 registrations was reached in 12 months. 3000 were taken after 3 months. 4000 reached in 54 days. We go to 5000. The figure is good, and therefore the prizes should be appropriate. We are starting the next series of challenges, which will last until we reach 5000 users.

  1. Prize fund 50 BOX. It will be divided among 3 participants, who will have burned more BOXs as a result of winnings, starting from the drawing on 15.03.2021 and until reaching 5000 registered users. Brief information: Prizes in draws are always higher than the value of the burnt BOXs. The more BOXs, the more chances of winning. So that you understand what it means to win 50 BOX - these are quite high chances in the next drawing to win a prize worth more than UAH 5000.
  2. 5000 MFC will receive a video blogger who will record and post on Youtube a video about the Richamster Exchange, which by the time it reaches 5000 registrations will get the most likes. Videos published after 14.03.2021 and before reaching 5000 registered users can participate in the challenge. The video is over 3 minutes long. The title of the video must contain the word "RICHAMSTER". The link to the video should be sent to the Telegram admin @SilverMystery. Let's show to Mr. Freeman, how to shoot popular videos?
  3. 5000 ASH: 5 users will receive 1000 ASH each, who will have the largest number of active (highlighted in green) referrals at the time of reaching 5000 registered users of the Exchange.
  4. The CryptoBox board game will be received by the user who bought the most shares in the auctions starting from the auction on 24.03.2021 and until reaching 5000 registered users.
  5. Prize fund 300 KUB. It will be divided among 5 participants upon reaching 5000 registered user. By replenishing your balance with UAH 1000 (via GeoPay or MonoPay), you get a chance to win 60 KUB cashback, which is more than 60% of the UAH 1000 deposit. The more replenishments, the more chances. One user can apply for several cashbacks if the amount of his replenishment exceeds UAH 2000. The start of the challenge on 22.03.2021, the end and the drawing - at the time of 5000 registered users.

Choose a challenge for yourself, or all 5, and start fighting for prizes from Rich Hamster. The competition is not yet high, so the chances of winning are very good. But you can't just fold your hands and sit. Each task requires certain actions, and the more actively you fight, the more chances you will have of winning. RICHAMSTER will make rich only those who themselves strongly want it and work hard for their own success.