4000 rich hamsters!

4000 rich hamsters! This is already a force that cannot be ignored!

There are more and more of us every day. We are getting better every day. Our hamsters are getting richer every day.

We will not delay and immediately proceed to the distribution of gifts for the previously announced 4 activities.

  1. Board game CryptoBox. The game is received by the one who, at the time of reaching 4000 registered users, has more BOXs on his account, while only 1 BOX is burned. We also remind you that the package of the board game contains the real cryptocurrency Karbo (KRB). The winner is kievfalcon. He had 18 BOXs, and now he has 17 BOXs and a board game.

  2. Dash. The one who paid the highest commission in DASH from one transaction during the promotion period receives the amount of DASH coin equal to the amount of the paid commission * 40 to his account. The winner is sapsan. On 03/07/2021, he paid a commission of 0.003 DASH, and receives a prize of 0.003 * 40 = 0.12 DASH.

  3. ASH. The prize fund is 4000 ASH. They are received by the one who has bought at least 10 ASH at the highest price. The winner is lisichka. He bought coins on 26/02/21 at a price of 0.00000035 BTC.

  4. MFC. Bring 4 active referrals and get MFC coins. Among all the participants who submitted applications, 4 prizes of 1000 MFC each were drawn. Winners: adamenko - 1000 MFC, SM - 1000 MFC, roman761 - 1000 MFC, karbonavt - 1000 MFC.

So, are we breaking up? Aha, no! There are still many promotions and competitions ahead. Right now the action "Full LOBs of LTC - full pockets of KUB" is underway. On 15.03.2021 there will be another draw in BOX. And one of these days a new activity with pleasant rewards will be announced. Therefore, follow the news. Subscribe to our info channel on Telegram https://t.me/richamster and other social networks