Full LOBs - full pockets.

Full LOBs - full pockets. Prize fund - 2200 KUB

The LOB filling promotion continues and this time we are filling with LTC. The essence of the action remains the same.

So here we go: "Full LOBs of LTC - full pockets of KUB".

2200 KUB will share among participants. Of these, 550 KUB will receive the TOP-10 in terms of the number of points scored for the entire period. Another 1650 KUB will be divided among everyone who at least once got into the TOP-10 of the day. For each point gained in the TOP of the day, you will be credited with 1 KUB, that is, 55 KUB will be added daily (55 * 30 = 1650). It makes sense to fight constantly, not just for getting into the TOP of the day, but for the highest places possible.

But how to get to the TOP of the day?

It is necessary to put on the exchange for sale LTC in any pair at any price. Statistics will be generated at different times every day. The one who puts up LTC for sale the most will receive 10 points, the next 9, the next 8, and so on to 1. Thus, the TOP-10 is formed every day. The promotion does not include LTCs that are not in orders. Therefore, if you have LTC on your balance, but they are not involved in trading, you do not participate.

But what if I want to take part in the action, but am afraid to sell too cheap?

In this case, place LTC at a price that will definitely suit you, for example, UAH 10,000. It is important that the order is placed.

I don't want to shine my balances in front of others!

We care about the confidentiality of your data, and at the same time we give you the opportunity to follow the progress of the promotion and your result. Therefore, as soon as the user gets to the TOP of the day, he is assigned a personal number and he will be able to track his position in the table. The user will be informed about the assignment of ID by e-mail or Telegram (depending on how we communicated with you earlier).

If it seems to you that you should have been in the TOP, but did not receive a number, you can clarify the information in Telegram with the admin @SilverMystery or by writing to [email protected].

The first valid day is 03/01/2021, the last valid day is 03/30/2021. By 31.03.2021, the winners will receive their rewards and it will be announced which currency LOBs we will fill next.