RICHAMSTER is preparing gifts

In the fall, we reached 3000 registered users. And now, even winter is not over yet, we are already very close to 4000. So, RICHAMSTER is preparing gifts for you. But to get them you will need to work a little. Thus, we have 4 gifts and 4 activities.

  1. Board game CryptoBox. Well, Box, so Box! The game will be received by the one who, at the time of reaching 4000 registered users, will have the largest number of BOXs on his account, while only 1 BOX will be burned. We also remind you that the package of the board game contains the real cryptocurrency Karbo (KRB).

  2. Dash. We already know that this coin can do ultra-fast transactions, but now let's also show that the DASH coin can be traded for large amounts. So, the one who, during the promotion period, pays the highest fee in DASH from single trade, will receive on his account the number of DASH coins equal to the amount of the paid fee * 40

  3. ASH. The prize fund is 4000 ASH. Those who will buy at least 10 ASH at the highest price will receive them. If several people buy at the same price, then the prize will be divided between them in equal parts.

  4. MFC. Bring 4 active referrals and get MFC coins. Invite friends and acquaintances to trade on our exchange using your referral link. You can see the list of referrals in your account. When a referral starts trading, a green light appears next to his username. Collected 4 active referrals - send the screen as private message in Telegram to admin @SilverMystery. Among all the participants 4 prizes of 1000 MFC each will be drawn. If you have 8 active referrals - there is a chance to get 2000 MFC, if 12 - 3000 MFC, if 16 - 4000 MFC. The more sets of 4 active referrals, the more chances.

Choose a prize and activity for yourself, or all at once, and go! The results will be recorded from 25.02.2021 00:01 until the registration of the 4000th user. There is not much time. Richamster likes to make nice gifts for its users so that you become RICH HAMSTERS too.