PSM Awards 2020 | Silver

You can work as much as you want to improve the service. You can talk about it as much as you want. But if it does not evoke emotions, does not solve users' problems, does not bring public good - you will not receive feedback and gratitude. And we are very happy that our work is appreciated, noticed and grateful for it. This year's PSM Awards 2020 was a landmark event for Richamster. Among more than 350 companies in the FinTech industry, Richamster was more than just a participant. By voting of users, experts and organizers of the Award, we took the Silver step in the nomination "The best project in the field of Blockchain", ahead of all services in the field of cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine. It is very nice to feel such strong support, it inspires, gives strength to reach new heights, inspires to further develop the exchange and provide the best services, so as not to disappoint fans, but on the contrary, further increase the audience of those who will be satisfied with Richamster. Let me remind you that our goal is to simplify as much as possible, and at the same time create the widest tools for exchanging / buying / selling cryptocurrency. We are working on a number of blockchain-related projects to make the transition as smooth as possible and bring not only emotional satisfaction but also financial growth to our users. Our support works 24/7, our community is interesting, kind and wise: it will teach, help and definitely will not remain indifferent to your questions.
I would also like to mention our partners - the company MonoPay (we are almost the same age as them). They won Gold in the nomination "Best FinTech-startup". We are sure that our users, who appreciated the work of the p2p transfer service to replenish Richamster's balances, also helped them to win this victory.

Well, are we splitting up? Eh, no! "Rich Hamster" wants to thank everyone who contributed to this victory and announces the action. Distribute this news on your social networks and get the cryptocurrency KUB to your account.

To receive "Thanks" write in the telegram to the user the following:
"Congratulations, Richamster!" My friends also learned about your victory.
(here you provide a list of links to your pages in social networks with common news)
My nickname on the exchange: (your nickname).
I want to win Gold next time! ”

For distribution on each social network you will be charged 1 KUB. But if you are also mega-popular, then get +1 KUB for every 1000 of your followers.

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