BOX - a ticker for receiving gifts.

New Year's holidays are approaching - a period when children are looking forward to holiday miracles, sweets and gifts. St. Nicholas comes to the obedient children on December 19, someone looks like Santa Claus on December 25, and Santa Claus comes to someone in January with a big bag of presents. And Christmas, carols and Christmas carols.

A wonderful period full of joy, laughter, the smell of citrus and the fulfillment of desires. But we all grow up, and that fabulous winter holidays are gradually disappearing somewhere. We already make gifts, not us, and tangerines do not cause such a bright pleasure. But somewhere out there, in the depths of my soul and memory, I want to go back to my childhood for a moment. So Richamster took care of the festive mood of his loyal users, and prepared surprises. We even know that you really like a tangerine with the letter "B".

Have you probably noticed the new BOX ticker in the "FINANCE" section? These will be your packages for surprises from Richamster. You can buy BOX in the "TRADING" section in the BOX / KUB trading pair. Price 1 BOX = 10 KUB (+ trade commission).

Then, on December 20, 2020, after St. Nicholas has already visited the children, he will visit Richamster and put gifts in three different BOX.

So the more BOX you have, the more chances there are that you will find a surprise. One user can claim only one gift. If a gift appears in your BOX, then all your other empty packages "burn".

Children (crossed out) traders who will be bypassed by St. Nicholas, do not rush to throw away their BOX, because on December 26 they can still put one of the five gifts of Santa Claus. And also on January 2, 2021 your packages will be filled with Santa Claus.

But the festive magic of BOX does not end there ...

Every week, Richamster will pack valuable gifts in BOX. What can you get? KUB, BTC, KRB, CryptoBOX board game, T-shirts, hardware wallets, modern gadgets and more. And remember, your Box do not have an expiration date and take part in raffles until one of them receives a gift. Once again, let me remind you that you can buy as many BOX as you want, because the more of them, the better your chances, but if at least one of them wins the draw, all the others will burn.

So substitute your buckets (crossed out) BOX and receive gifts for the holidays. Well, we wish you to find in your package such coveted tangerines with the letter "B".